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Hi Ladies,

I am not sure what happened but I am re-sending the email I sent last 
night. Please let me know should you have any questions. Thanks.


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Hello Ladies,

I apologize for the delay in communication as well as the long silence. 
Please note that I am proud of how all of you came together to make 
Gamchix a reality. I believe you guys can take this group to higher 
heights which is why I am taking a back seat. The long awaited course is 
now ready. Please utilize the information below to access the course. 
You can access the course by going to the following URL:


Username and password for each user is their email address as sent in 
the spreadsheet you provided us. If you want to reset your password, 
kindly click on "forgot password" link and enter the email address you 
provided for the registration. A password reminder will be sent to your 
email which expires in 30 minutes. Please use the training guide below 
for the course but please feel free to adjust if necessary.

*_Training Timeline_*

  * Week 1
      o Day Zero
          + Training starts
      o Day 1 of your training
          + §  1^st  Online call with your cohort via OpenMeeting
            (details in another email)
      o Day 3 of your training
          + §  Virtual machines provisioned based on cohort spreadsheet
      o End of Week 1
  * Week 2
      o 2^nd  Call with your cohort (arranged at your convenience)
      o All trainees get access to the servers
  * Week 3
      o 3^rd  Call with your trainees
      o Assignments done
  * Week 4
      o 4^th  Call with your trainees
      o Assignments done (DNS server config)
      o Online Survey

I would at this point also recommend Esther and Sally as class 
assistants in case help is needed. Please feel free to send questions to 
the mailing list as well. Alagie and I will also be available to help if 
needed. Please remember that the goal of the course is to solidify what 
you learnt during AfChix and to also hold training sessions for ladies 
in the sector that did not get the opportunity to attend. We can decide 
the way forward once this course is concluded. Thanks and please keep 
the fire burning!


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