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Hello everyone,

This is to inform you about some new members onboard this mailing list.
They are those who also applied to attend the Afchix workshop.

The initial idea was to limit this group only to those who completed the
Afchix workshop or the INFORUM. Auntie Anna and I thought it will make it
easier to have them on this list NOW so that we all be on the same page as
the INFORUM progress and help one another. Rather than running two seperate

So here They are:

*SUNAME    NAME                    EMPLOYER/SCHOOL*

Badjie         Maimuna                Insist Global
Jaiteh          Fatoumata             Quantum net
JALLOW     MAJA                       GAMTEL
Bah             Haddy                       UTG
Sowe          Fatou                         GTTI
JOOF         BINTA                        GAMTEL
Bobb         Saffie  American International University
Badjie          Maimuna                  Insist Global
Ceesay       Awa                            UTG
jack isatou                                    Qcell
Mam Binta Njie                            UTG

Please join us to welcome them to Gamchix. Now we have more brains :)

To the new members, first of all, welcome to LONG emails :)

After the Afchix 2017 workshop, we created this mailing list as a platform
to discuss and build a community of women Engineers and Policy makers in
Africa. We call our selves Chix (please dont ask me why :) )

Well, i am not a Chix but just a facilitator who'd be kicked out soon.

So on your journey into the world of Unix and DNS, you're now part of a
vibrant community of smart ladies accross almost all Ministries in the
Gambia: Ministry of Finance, IT, Foriegn Affairs, Agric, Environment,
Energy, Higer Education, Basic Education, UTG, AIU, PURA, GIA, Social
Securiy, GPA, GAMTEL, QCELL, Unique Solutions among others. This course
will start you an exciting journey on the core infrastructure on which the
entire Internet runs - Unix and DNS. This will be a foundation for the next
big step: Cyber security, Engineering, or Policy.

We will share with you more details about AFCHIX <http://www.afchix.org/>and
AFNOG <https://afnog.org/>, AFRINIC <http://afrinic.net/> and NSRC
<https://nsrc.org/>,  the engines of this regional direction on Internet
Engineering and Policy for women and the role they all play. There are
other Global players too like UN's ITU,
<https://meetings.icann.org/en/dublin54/schedule/mon-women-ict>and The IEEE
<http://wie.ieee.org/about/> all wait for us to be organised and knock
their doors.

So, if you're passionate about ICT, Internet Engineering, Security and
Policy careers at national, regional to global level, this is a place for
you. If you want to Network with local ICT professionals, you're good to
go. Be sure you've come with the passion to survive and make this
initiative a great success.

To this end, i will leave you in the hands of your new colleagues at
Gamchix. Keep the fire burning!

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