[GamChix] Happy International Women`s Day!

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Thu Mar 8 00:49:08 PST 2018

Good Morning All,

For gender equity, I would like to wish a great Women's Day to all GAMCHIX

As a reminder, below are the milestones of this ongoing struggle for a more
equitable society.

What a long way since 1910!

And there is still some way to go before equality becomes reality.

The Internet and its affordable access to EVERYONE are the guarantee of a
more equitable society.

So let's continue celebrating March 8th.

*1.      **1910*

-    It was at the International Conference of Socialist Women of 1910 that
the idea of ​​an "International Women's Day" was launched.

*2.      **March 2, 1911*

-    One million women demonstrate in Europe

*3.      **March 8, 1914*

-    Women demand the right to vote in Germany

*4.      ** March 8, 1915*

-    In Oslo, women defend their rights and demand peace.

*5.      **March 8, 1917*

- Workers in Saint Petersburg demonstrate, initiating the Russian Revolution

*6.      **March 8, 1921*

-    V.L Lenin decrees March 8 women's day

*7.      **After 1945*

-    March 8th becomes a tradition in the Eastern countries and in the world

*8.      **70s*

-    March 8th becomes more feminist

*9.      **March 8, 1977*

-    The United Nations formalizes International Women's Day.

*10.  **March 8, 1982*

-    The day is made official in France

Esther King
GAMCHIX Chairperson
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