[GamChix] Capacity Building Series No.3

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Tue Mar 13 07:23:17 PDT 2018

 Dear All,

As some of you might already know, The *Internet Society(ISOC) Gambia
Chapter* was recently accredited by* ICANN as an At-Large structure under
the African Regional At-Large Organization (AFRALO)*. This is a significant
achievement but what does this really mean?  <https://atlarge.icann.org/>

As part of GamChix Capacity building series session 3, and monthly meeting,
We are co-organizing this event with ISOC Gambia. This session will help
everyone in the Internet community understand the importance of such a

We are organizing a symposium through presentations to be held on *Sunday
the 25th of March* at the *ISOC/GAMCHIX* Office from *4pm-6pm. *

*Mrs. Beran Dondeh Gillen (GamChix Advisory Board) will lead the
presentation on the following topics:1. The Internet Governance
EcoSystem 2. ICANN Ecosystem *

*3. The At-Large Ecosystem*
*4. What it means to be an ICANN ALS and how to become involved in Global
Policy  development.*

We will kick-off by having the usual brief GamChix status update for a
recap on the progress of all the group activities etc. Followed-by the

All are urged keep this date free and are encouraged to attend and on time
as a very educative session awaits us.

*Please Note:* It will also be open to other interested IT officers,
Managers and members of ISOC as well.

*you are also reminded that the monthly contribution will also be
collected. *

Thank you

Kind Regards & Best Wishes
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