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Thu Sep 7 04:51:16 PDT 2017

Hi Alagie,

>From my understanding during our last conversation was they will host
the gamchix domain not just mailing list. on the other hand the gamchix
domain hosting isnt an individual business it's a service they paid for
so i see no reason why someone would hijack that domain and bring it
down. i'm never with the idea of local content been hosted outside
gambia we have all the resources to host it here and its already hosted
so i don't see any reason why you would wnt NSRC to host it but hence
that's what you all are ok with i guess i would rest my case but i still
stand with my motion that it shouldn't be hosted outside.

Mohamed Faye

On 9/7/17 11:43 AM, Alagie Ceesay wrote:
> Hello Muhammed,
> Many thanks for raising that concern.
> The main purpose of the domain name is to host the gamchix
> webpages/workshop matrials. It remains very useful for that.
> The idea/discussion of hosting a post-workshop mailing list at NSRC or
> AFNOG came since the Afchix 2017 program organising process. Anna was
> copied.
> I did update you *personally* that we'll prefer, (and its better)
> hosting the mailing list on a neutral platform than on any individual's
> business to avoid future conflict of interest or any other
> privacy/security concerns. You we're ok with that. 
> Secondly, it will also be a continuation of a good partnership and
> collaboration between Gamchix and NSRC staff. This is good for Gamchix
> as NSRC have been financially and technically supporting Afchix Society
> since its inception and have done comendable things for Senchix and many
> other initiatives like these around the world.
> Like most non profit internet communities, NOGs and IXPs, we look at
> neutral grounds for these kind of things and what can integrate us with
> the rest of the int'l community.
> I'm equally running a web hosting and a domain reseller service. I can
> easily delegate gamchix.gm <http://gamchix.gm> and provide emails even
> for FREE. But its not the approach we want at ISOC. For example, the
> past ISOC Gambia executive had a similar experience when the then ISOC
> website was hosted and managed by one of their executives. When
> disgareement occured, the person brought down the entire ISOC website
> including content. Untill now, no archive of that content. This kind of
> issue will be worst if it is an entire mailing list that we all depend
> on to continue this project.  
> That being said, the domain gamchix.gm <http://gamchix.gm> will be very
> useful for the website and workshop files (its purpose). Personally, i
> am definitely ok with you hosting the website if that's preferred. The
> mailing list can be at NSRC.
> We can discuss this further at a meeting and proceed with the web
> development phase and other things to be done. I'll give you a call on that.
> Again, many thanks for the support and passion.
> Alagie
> On Thursday, September 7, 2017, Mohamed Faye <mahafaye at gmail.com
> <mailto:mahafaye at gmail.com>> wrote:
>     Hi Alagie,
>     This would totally defeat the suppose of gamchix having it's own
>     registered domain name. gamchix.gm <http://gamchix.gm> is already
>     registered and paid they
>     can easily have a mailing list in it. i'm not with the idea hosting it
>     somewhere else after having a domain.
>     anyway this is my professional view regarding the mailing list.
>     _mohamed_faye
>     On 9/6/17 9:39 PM, Alagie Ceesay wrote:
>     > Dear all,
>     >
>     > Hope we all have enjoyed our tobaski? Dewenati to everyone.
>     >
>     > Glad to announce that NSRC has succesfully created the mailing
>     list for
>     > Gamchix.
>     >
>     > From now on, all communications: annoucements, questions, discussions
>     > related to Gamchix and technical issues should be relayed here. Topics
>     > and discussions will be achieved for future reference or for new
>     members.
>     >
>     > If you wish to send/post to the list, send your message to:
>     > gamchix at lists.nsrc.org <javascript:;>
>     <mailto:gamchix at lists.nsrc.org <javascript:;>>
>     >
>     > You can read more details about this list at:
>     > https://lists.nsrc.org/listinfo/gamchix
>     <https://lists.nsrc.org/listinfo/gamchix>
>     >
>     > When you visit the link above, please DO NOT attempt to subcribe. You
>     > are ALL subcribed already. it is only for you to read about the
>     Mailing
>     > list details.
>     >
>     > INFORUM:
>     > Next, you'll all receive emails regarding the INFORUM training. Start
>     > date of the training is 11th September. For those who confimed
>     > registration, your details have been forwarded to Kevin Chege for
>     action.
>     >
>     > Suun Faye and Binta Saidy volunteered and have done a good job in
>     > drafting the constitution.
>     >
>     > Please let me know if there is any question or suggestion.
>     >
>     > Best wishes
>     >
>     > Alagie
>     >
>     >
>     >
>     >
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