[GamChix] Meeting agenda for Friday 20th September 2023

Anna S. Ndure ndureannas at gmail.com
Wed Sep 20 08:45:20 UTC 2023

Dear Members,

We hope this message finds you well. We are excited to invite you to our
upcoming meeting. Your participation and input are crucial to the success
of our organization, and we look forward to a productive discussion.

Please find below the agenda for the meeting:

*Date*: Friday 20th September 2023
*Venue*: QuantumNet Institute of Technology(QIT)
*Time*: 2pm


1. *Welcome and Introduction*
   - *Opening Remarks*
   - *Recap of Gamchix Mission and Vision*: Brief overview of Gamchix
mission and vision.

2. *Reviving the Vision of Gamchix*
   - *Discussion on the Reasons for the Hiatus*: Reviewing the factors that
led to the hiatus.
   - *Presentation of Our Renewed Vision*: Presenting the updated vision
for Gamchix.

3. *Membership*
   - *Importance of Involvement/Commitment*: Discussing the significance of
member involvement and commitment.
   - *Rules Around Inactive Members*: Explaining the rules and expectations
for inactive members.

4. *Next Steps*
   - *Outline Immediate Next Steps*: Detailing the immediate actions to be
taken by Gamchix.
   - *Timelines*: Establishing timelines for the implementation of these
next steps.

We encourage you to review the agenda in advance to prepare for our
discussions. Your active participation is vital to the success of Gamchix,
and we appreciate your dedication to our shared goals.

We look forward to a productive and engaging meeting.

Best regards,

Anna S. Ndure
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